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We proud ourselves in having seasoned specialist in various methods including, data collections, surveys, GIS and Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis and Mapping, Drone Aerial Imagery, Environmental Consultancy

ZIMGEO is a environment and geospatial solutions provider and aerial survey company using remote sensing and in-situ technologies, based in Zimbabwe. We specialise in high accuracy Radar, Lidar , Hyperspectral and Drone Imagery; as well as a range of Satellite Imagery products for use in the infrastructure, mining, urban mapping, agriculture and environmental sectors.

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Professional GIS, Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis Specialists


GIS & Remote Sensing


Geo App Development & Geo-Computations


Spatial Statistics


Mapping & Photogrammetry.

GIS and Mapping


City Councils and RDCs

Photogrammetry, Drone Imagery & Aerial Surveys for map creation to show new settlements, boundaries.


Mines, Energy Companies, ect

Geo-Technical Surveys, Environmantal Impact Assessment, Carbon Estimation


Agriculture & Health

Hyperspectral imagery. This provides a multichannel information set, with layers of information in the visible, near and mid-infrared bands. The data set provides information such as crop health, crop stress due to drought and disease, vegetation species mapping, pollution and hazardous substance mapping (airborne and waterborne), soil classification, mineral mapping, etc. Spatial Analysis to analyse the spread of disease like cholera and predict future outbreaks


Consultancy & App Development


Schools, NGOs and other Organisations

Training on GIS & Remote Sensing, how to use GIS to collect data for surveys, analysis of the data and interpretation


Power companies, Plantations , etc

Geo-Technical Surveys, Environmantal Impact Assessment, Carbon Estimation


Private & Public Companies

Development of custom software, geo-apps to assist decision makers by using GIS through using GIS infrastructure like Geodatabases. These can be used to monitor traffic and transport infrastructure in companies, analyse crime patterns and allow clients to locate the nearest health facility, school or even the nearest police station, assist companies to track the location of their assets and other uses. We can develop custom software, mobile applications, web application, etc


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Remote Sensing in Zimbabwe

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