About us

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"Everything has to do with geography." Judy Martz

At ZIMGEO we specialise in the collection, storage and analysis of Geographic Data using the latest technologies.

We proud ourselves in having seasoned specialist in various methods including, data collections, surveys, GIS and Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis and Mapping, Drone Aerial Imagery, Environmental Consultancy.


ZIMGEO is a environment and geospatial solutions provider and aerial survey company using remote sensing and in-situ technologies, based in Zimbabwe. We specialise in high accuracy Radar, Lidar , Hyperspectral and Drone Imagery; as well as a range of Satellite Imagery products for use in the infrastructure, mining, urban mapping, agriculture and environmental sectors. We produce high accuracy maps with related geospatial information including Orthophoto’s and DTM’s (digital terrain models), Hyperspectral data for Mineral and Environmental studies; from which a vast range of products is produced for use in Infrastructure and Mining, Planning; Risk Management and GIS Solutions. Our expertise allow us to develop also geo-apps for a wide range of industries and offer training on the use of the technologies that we employ.

GIS | Remote Sensing | Environment Consultancy | Geography

"If geography is prose, maps are iconography." Lennart Meri

Our Mission
The facilitation of decision making by harnessing the power of GIS and Remote sensing.
Our Aim
To address opportunities and issues by capitalising on our combined strength
To provide a value-added and cost-effective service to our members to improve their business
To provide modern geographical services to our clients
To facilitate effective and sustainable local and international partnerships.

Our Experts
K ChirenjeMSc GIS & Remote Sensing (UZ)kudzai@zimgeo.co.zw
T ChirereMSc Agroecology (Sweden), BSc Bioprotection of Agricultural Systems and the Environment (Algeria)tchirere@zimgeo.co.zw
F KunedzimweMSC Geography and Environmental Science (UZ)francesca@zimgeo.co.zw