Consultancy & Environmental Consultancy

“The application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it”.

~ Jack Dangermond, Esri


A wide range of environmental consultancy services not limited to :

Environmental Audits, Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Assessments, Habitat and Vegetation Surveys and Mapping, Ecological Surveys (Biodiversity) and Monitoring Programmes, Environmental Legislation/Register Reviews, Eco-Tourism/Sustainable Tourism Services, Social Impact Assessments and Reviews Sustainability Reporting and Reviews, Mine Closure Planning, Post Resettlement Assessment, Social Surveys and Monitoring Programmes, Monitoring Surveys and Risk Assessments, Air Quality Assessments and Monitoring, Biodiversity Assessments, Carbon Biomass Assessments, Carbon Footprint/Off Setting, Hazardous Waste Landfill Treatment, Legal Compliance and Operating Permits/Licenses, Pollution Abatement

Environmental impact assessment


According to Wikipedia, Environmental impact assessment (EIA) is the assessment of the environmental consequences of a plan, policy, program, or actual projects prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action.

According to the laws of Zimbabwe, some projects are required to submit an EIA. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process which identifies the environmental impacts of a development project and clearly outlines measures to mitigate the negative impacts caused during project construction, implementation and decommissioning. The Environmental Management Act defines an Environmental Impact assessment as ‘an evaluation of a project to determine its impact on the environment and human health and to set out the required environmental monitoring and management procedures and plans’. The EIA is thus a tool that enhances sustainable development where environmental, economic and social pillars are mainstreamed in the project in a balanced manner. Feel free to get in touch with us and find ways on how we can help you to launch your project by assisting you with an EIA


GIS Software for Zimbabwe and Africa

Businesses; governments, individuals, research organisations and GIS users around the world are embracing commercial GIS software and some freely available GIS tools because it just makes more business sense to choose a GIS software package. We provide a variety of GIS software and training. We also provide useful GPS devices to help track your assets, keys, phones, pets, children.Take a look: