GIS & Remote Sensing

“The application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it”.

~ Jack Dangermond, Esri


GIS and Remote Sensing has a wide range of applications in different industries some of which include :

Determining soil moisture content using active and passive sensors from space, locating new construction and building alterations, Predicting retail earnings and market share by counting cars in parking lot, Charging higher insurance premiums in flood-prone areas using radar, Doing the detective work for fraudulent crop insurance claims, Searching for aircrafts and saving lives after fatal crashes, Counting elephants to ensure sustainable population levels, Identifying forest stands and tallying their area to estimate forest supplies,

Mapping, Cartography, Photogrammetry and Drone Imagery


Get the most accurate and high quality photogrammetry, drone imagery and mapping services from a reliable partner. With precision agronomics on the rise, more farmers are adopting technology and methods to decrease cost, increase yield, and ultimately increase the return on their investment.

Drones give famers the convenience of being able to inspect crops from new perspectives and with frequency never before possible. Urban or rural mapping projects require highly experienced & reliable technical teams to work and design urban areas correctly. We offer a reliable and experienced service that does note compromise on quality,


GIS Software for Zimbabwe and Africa

Businesses; governments, individuals, research organisations and GIS users around the world are embracing commercial GIS software and some freely available GIS tools because it just makes more business sense to choose a GIS software package. We provide a variety of GIS software and training. We also provide useful GPS devices to help track your assets, keys, phones, pets, children.Take a look: